Our In-Ground Tank Services

Sydney tank cleaning can help you with cleaning of your above-ground rainwater storage tanks, STC has a cleaning process to ensure that your storage tank is cleaned and sanitised to ensure that it remains healthy, clean and bio growth free.

The cleaning that we perform is to the highest standard. We pride ourselves on offering the most comprehensive cleaning process, using high pressure water and scrubbing techniques to make sure we cover the whole internal surface area with our Rotating Tank Cleaning System.

Our Cleaning Process

  • Step 1 : Remove storage tank water contents
  • Step 2: Spray the internal surfaces with food grade disinfectant to sterilise storage tank.
  • Step 3: Clean internal surfaces with high pressure water using a rotating pressure head.
  • Step 4: Remove primary wash water from tank floor.
  • Step 5: Complete secondary rinse with high pressure water.
  • Step 6: Remove secondary rinse water from tank floor with vacuum tank.
  • Step 7: Reinstate tank back to original working condition ensuring the surrounding are left as they were.
  • Step 8: Remove all wash water from site in our vacuum tank.